A downloadable game for Windows and Android

General Overview

Type: Mobile Game

Genre: 2D Auto-Runner
Production Period:
1.5 months
Team size: 3

Project Management:
Bela Baldwin
Game Design:
Bela Baldwin, Franziska Schümann & Christian Katz
Game Art:
Franziska Schümann
Game Programming:
Christian Katz

  • Available for Android and Windows.


Gameplay Summary

Take a peek at the life of a little girl that likes to explore the nearby forest for hours on end, with a knack for losing track of time. As the sun begins to set, shadow creatures take shape and the little girl hops homeward. Now it is your time to shine, Guardian Angel, to make sure that she gets there safely by keeping her out of harm's way. Destroy or distract various enemies and change the environment. The more you influence the world, the harder the game will turn out to be. It is up to you when you decide to act and when you'll let nature take its course.


Inspiration & Style

Inspired by Eyvind Earle's concept art of the classic Disney animated film "Sleeping Beauty" of the late 1950s, "Guardian Angel" combines similar visual elements with a well-known and easily accessible genre, the 2D Auto-Runner, making it particularly suitable for mobile phones.

The decision to interpret the color spectrum of the different game levels in a way that is contrary to the norm, allowed the game to have its own visual style. This design decision, furthermore, left enough time to create a well rounded gameplay experience, through balancing, optimized level design, bugfixing, additional illustrations and supporting narration.


Design Decisions

The game mechanics are slowly introduced to the player, through a cleverly designed screenflow, as they are led linearly through a tutorial and then three levels, which intensify in difficulty. The focus here is clearly on the game's mechanics, which are supposed to force the player to react quickly through waves of enemies of three different types. The challenge arises from the fact that the course of each level varies slightly, as the reappearance of the opponents (respawns) is dictated by the timing of the player's actions and their individual game style. Illustrations and narration are used to subtly convey the context of the game and the lore to the player without hindering the flow of the game.


Download Log

  • 31.01.2020 - Build 1.0
  • 25.09.2020 - Build 1.1


Mobile Build 1.0 (old) 48 MB
PC Build1.0 (old) 42 MB
Mobile Build1.1 (current) 48 MB
PC Build 1.1 (current) 43 MB

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